2017 Coverage Deadlines

Open Enrollment begins tomorrow, Tuesday November 1st! Even though it may be tempting to put off your enrollment until the last minute, you’ll thank yourself (and your agent) later for enrolling as early as possible. 

The deadlines for coverage are:

  • December 15th for January 1st policy effective date
  • January 15th for February 1st policy effective date
  • January 31st for March 1st policy effective date

So why should I sign up at the first deadline and not the last?

1. If you’ve been making your monthly premium payments, your current policy ends on December 31st of this year. Waiting until one of the January deadlines to enroll for a 2017 plan leaves you and your family exposed to the risk of out-of-pocket expenses incurred from any illness or injury happening during the 1 or 2 month period in which you do not have coverage; furthermore, those expenses would not count towards your 2017 deductible. 

2. It is wise to sign up well in advance of the deadlines so that you don't leave yourself subject to the backlog that tends to happen leading up to those key dates.

3. In addition, even if you were to enroll tomorrow, your first premium would not be due until the week before your coverage effective date. There is no reason to delay!

Our number one goal is to provide our clients with the honest guidance they need in order to choose the plan that works best for them and their families. One of our trained and qualified agents can help direct and inform your decision at NO COST to you!

Contact us starting November 1st for a NO COST, no obligation quote at (248) 677-2099 or b.ellison@electnational.com